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  3. I posted up on LB on the opening morning of Necro!
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  5. I am making the executive decision to postpone this until August 1. More to come. HaX - hit me up
  6. Figured I'd give this a shot
  7. This looks more like a permissions issue like the rest of the issues.
  8. I'm almost 101, just finished up with my first artifact (mage) for DPS.. I'll see what I can do. I've been getting help with some friends on that server and they are always raiding. I think it's a good model to follow.
  9. Hey @Blood any idea whatsup with the first problem here? I did make a minor change on the backend that might fix the issue, but I'm not sure. the signature stuff should be fixed - let me know if it isn't. I did put some caps on size/length/number of images/things like that, but I can't fathom you're hitting any of those....
  10. DL currently doesn't allow anyone to delete their own posts - probably something we should make more clear in the rules
  11. Also, once we figure out server situations, we'll also need to figure out who plays what classes and specs and figure out groupings for things like raids, such as, do we have tanks/heals (are they good), what dps do we have, can we put together 5 man dungeon groups or full on 25 man raid groups, ect.
  12. You'd literally be wasting money on a transfer for a guild that doesn't have jack shit, literally. I've said a few times, make one. You'll have literally everything the dead one does, and probably more because someone plays in it. We have nothing in bank, no gold, very very few achievements that are extremely easy to get btw.
  13. yeah this was messed up for two of the member groups - should be fixed now so that anyone registered for the forum has unlimited edit ability of their own posts
  14. What level are you on Thrall now?
  15. Also, You can't DELETE your OWN POSTS!
  16. delete?
  17. I can't insert a photo from another site. SPECIFICaLLY at the bottom, "INSERT OTHER MEDIA. > INSERT IMAGE FROM URL" It just doesn't work. Also, there is a character limit on our signatures/footers which, I feel has a need to be extended. While trying to make an effective post with every resource available to me, I feel I can't get my point across because of forum limitations. How long until this can be fixed?
  18. I just wanted to share a conversation between myself and a former commander. With that being said, I'd like to suggest THRALL, which is a NORMAL, MEDIUM server. More Gamers than Kil'Jaeden. The Blizz service I was talking about is this right here.
  19. I agree that we can probably leave the old guild behind, seeing as the only asset it would provide is whatever was in its guild bank. While I myself don't have a good server suggestion (since I mostly play on low population servers like Eitrigg and Kil'Jaeden), I can say that whatever we choose I can easily server transfer a toon there since I have a high level priest and druid.
  20. Sorry, I should have posted this under CSGO, Can someone please move this post?
  21. ESL One
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