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    Here are my plans for S11: HC I'm going to main Hardcore for the 3rd season in a row. I'm going to start with a DH and play it exclusively the first 4/5 days. Why? 1) Unhallowed Essence is the Haedrig's Gift for this season so I can get up to power farming in T6-10 on the first day pretty easy. 2) I've "main'd" a DH the last 2 seasons in HC and I am super comfortable on it. Because of this, I think it'll be easy to farm up materials and gear and complete a GR70 in the first few days so I can unlock primals. After I do a GR70, I'm probably going to switch to the Necro. My entire HC clan thinks that the Necro is by far and away going to be the eventual OP of the season, but that it'll take awhile to farm to that point and it won't be the strongest right away. SC I have a 2nd account to play SC on so that I can be in the <DL> clan and game with everyone else. My goal/purpose of my Softcore play isn't to get super geared or hit the leaderboards hard, but to help all the <DL> clan members out. Going to use my SC character (I'll probably make a DH or Necro) to Power Level folks from Day 2 forward and help them get the cube/gift so that they can sustainable farm. Thoughts? What are your plans?!
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    DL is currently accepting Commander applications. Please inquire to me thru Steam/Blizz/etc if interested.
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    top 500 more than a week into the season!
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    I just hit the Hardcore Leaderboards! Rank 336 Solo DH For those who don't know: They reset the non-season leaderboard for this "era" because there was a glitch (necro/dh combo did too much damage). Enjoy!