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Clan DL
  • About Us:

    Clan DL is a gaming community for gamers, run by gamers, founded by gamers. 

    Clan DL was founded as "Dark Legion” on July 16, 1999. (DL) was one of the OG StarCraft: Brood War clans and was the first gaming clan to use "clan scripts" with a login system for members.

    Clan DL will be refounded on July 16, 2017.


  • Basic Rules:

    Clan DL and Dark Legion were both founded on the same principles: 

    1) We are a gaming community. Game!

    2) No hatred or discrimination. All members and non-members must be tolerant of all others. DL is a hate free, not game free. Treat others with respect.

    3) No cheating.

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