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  1. I am making the executive decision to postpone this until August 1. More to come. HaX - hit me up
  2. Hey @Blood any idea whatsup with the first problem here? I did make a minor change on the backend that might fix the issue, but I'm not sure. the signature stuff should be fixed - let me know if it isn't. I did put some caps on size/length/number of images/things like that, but I can't fathom you're hitting any of those....
  3. DL currently doesn't allow anyone to delete their own posts - probably something we should make more clear in the rules
  4. yeah this was messed up for two of the member groups - should be fixed now so that anyone registered for the forum has unlimited edit ability of their own posts
  5. What level are you on Thrall now?
  6. Top 250 Carry!!
  7. I just hit the Hardcore Leaderboards! Rank 336 Solo DH For those who don't know: They reset the non-season leaderboard for this "era" because there was a glitch (necro/dh combo did too much damage). Enjoy!
  8. Not even sure it makes sense to do this @Blood
  9. I think we should stick to where we all are right now and make a group decision about where to go - still really early planning there are loads of people who aren't even registered yet who play seriously. like @Fatholien you haven't posted - what server do you and romy play on right now? i know olan plays seriously too. and i'm missing a ton
  10. Update: our new graphics (logo / character / branding) should be available for the entire community soon. Sorry this has taken a few days and the website has been on such a basic theme - we want to make sure that we relaunch DL properly. More info re: the official relaunch coming soon. Hint: think July 16th
  11. Sick idea @PsychVexis! I was thinking of making a post sometime soon where people could post pictures of their gaming rig/setup. This is a great start! Here's my current PC gaming setup: Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition Case Intel Core i7‑7700K Corsair H100i v2 CPU Cooler ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz MSI GTX 1080 Sea Hawk (Hybrid Cooled 8GB GTX 1080) Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 SSD & 2 TB 7200RPM 3.5 Corsair HX850i PSU Corsair K95 RGB Platinum - Cherry MX Speed - Black Zowie FK2 Mouse SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless 7.1 Headset Rode PSA 1 Swivel Boom Arm Audio-Technica AT202USB Plus Condenser Microphone ZRAMO Shock Mount Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam ASUS VG278HV Gaming Monitor (27" 1ms 144hz) ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor (24" 1ms 75hz FreeSync) Planar PX2710MW (27" 2ms - I need to replace) DX Racer Iron Series OH/IS133/N
  12. Here are my plans for S11: HC I'm going to main Hardcore for the 3rd season in a row. I'm going to start with a DH and play it exclusively the first 4/5 days. Why? 1) Unhallowed Essence is the Haedrig's Gift for this season so I can get up to power farming in T6-10 on the first day pretty easy. 2) I've "main'd" a DH the last 2 seasons in HC and I am super comfortable on it. Because of this, I think it'll be easy to farm up materials and gear and complete a GR70 in the first few days so I can unlock primals. After I do a GR70, I'm probably going to switch to the Necro. My entire HC clan thinks that the Necro is by far and away going to be the eventual OP of the season, but that it'll take awhile to farm to that point and it won't be the strongest right away. SC I have a 2nd account to play SC on so that I can be in the <DL> clan and game with everyone else. My goal/purpose of my Softcore play isn't to get super geared or hit the leaderboards hard, but to help all the <DL> clan members out. Going to use my SC character (I'll probably make a DH or Necro) to Power Level folks from Day 2 forward and help them get the cube/gift so that they can sustainable farm. Thoughts? What are your plans?!
  13. Clan: Our main Diablo 3 clan is Softcore-based and is listed as: <DL> Clan DL Any member of our D3 clan can invite others to the clan. Rules: No Cheating. No third party software of any kind (includes bots, farming bots, auto-pickers, map hacks, etc) Game with <DL>! Both DL Members and Non-Members are welcome to join our in-game Clan - there are no requirements to gaming with us! You may join other gaming communities and be apart of other in-game Clans, but all DL members are encouraged to join our Softcore Clan. Our Softcore clan is <DL> Clan DL and is the first Clan when you search "Clan DL". A few DL members play Hardcore very seriously with <COD> CLAN OF DOOM. **Rules will be added/revised/updated if necessary**