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  1. Pet Stories

    sounds like man's best friend to me
  2. DL is currently accepting Commander applications. Please inquire to me thru Steam/Blizz/etc if interested.
  3. Pet Stories

    Hi Kit, are you single? I'll be your dog toy, no need for Petstreetmall......
  4. Leaderboard Pushes

  5. Leaderboard Pushes

    top 150 HC solo DH - GR76
  6. Leaderboard Pushes

    top 500 more than a week into the season!
  7. Leaderboard Pushes

    my HC DH today

    I am making the executive decision to postpone this until August 1. More to come. HaX - hit me up
  9. Some Issues I've noticed

    Hey @Blood any idea whatsup with the first problem here? I did make a minor change on the backend that might fix the issue, but I'm not sure. the signature stuff should be fixed - let me know if it isn't. I did put some caps on size/length/number of images/things like that, but I can't fathom you're hitting any of those....
  10. Some Issues I've noticed

    DL currently doesn't allow anyone to delete their own posts - probably something we should make more clear in the rules
  11. Some Issues I've noticed

    yeah this was messed up for two of the member groups - should be fixed now so that anyone registered for the forum has unlimited edit ability of their own posts
  12. Great Server Debate

    What level are you on Thrall now?