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  1. Great Server Debate

    @Gadinn What Level and Spec are those toons?
  2. Some Issues I've noticed

    @Blood Any idea how to fix it?
  3. Great Server Debate

    I'm almost 101, just finished up with my first artifact (mage) for DPS.. I'll see what I can do. I've been getting help with some friends on that server and they are always raiding. I think it's a good model to follow.
  4. Some Issues I've noticed

    Also, You can't DELETE your OWN POSTS!
  5. Great Server Debate

  6. Some Issues I've noticed

    I can't insert a photo from another site. SPECIFICaLLY at the bottom, "INSERT OTHER MEDIA. > INSERT IMAGE FROM URL" It just doesn't work. Also, there is a character limit on our signatures/footers which, I feel has a need to be extended. While trying to make an effective post with every resource available to me, I feel I can't get my point across because of forum limitations. How long until this can be fixed?
  7. Great Server Debate

    I just wanted to share a conversation between myself and a former commander. With that being said, I'd like to suggest THRALL, which is a NORMAL, MEDIUM server. More Gamers than Kil'Jaeden. The Blizz service I was talking about is this right here. www.dropbox.com/s/4d0pyr92119l4t8/guild_realm_transfer.jpg
  8. Great Server Debate

    Blizzard offers a service to move a guild from one server to another. Let's figure out where we wanna start gaming, and look into that. I would donate money for said service.
  9. Add-Ons

    Which Addons do you find most useful and why?
  10. Fantasy Football?

    League Trophies Rushing - Whoever has the most Rushing yards each week. Passing - Whoever has the most Passing yards each week. Receiving - Whoever has the most Receiving yards each week. Defense/Special Teams - Whoever has scored the most points on Defense/ST East Trophy - kinda like the NFC trophy West Trophy - Kinda like the AFC Trophy League Trophy - For winning the League. Maybe instead of doing each week on items 1-4, we can do it as a league? I'm open for Suggestions, @L00t ?
  11. Great Server Debate

    However, THRALL has the (serious) gamers.
  12. Fantasy Football?

    I made a Fantasy Football League if anyone is interested in playing. I know we talked about it in the past but didn't plan ahead. So this is me planning ahead. We could either play for a prize (trophy, medal, ect..) or do a $5 buy-in and the winner takes all. Thoughts? http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=158932
  13. Great Server Debate

    Lets try THRALL for a week or two and decide then... I have a level 100 Mage there, and I'll transfer my 90 priest.
  14. Great Server Debate

    We have a guild established on Kil'Jaeden but I know some serious raiders on Thrall. I'd like to get some end-gamers going on and steal them since I know them locally... haha
  15. PC Specs? :D

    How about this? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Ws84Z8 😛