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  1. Pet Stories

    My name is not Kit, and I am married just so you know.
  2. Pet Stories

    I don’t know if this topic will be appropriate or would be allowed in this section but I am giving it a try. Let’s try to skip online games and take some time to talk about our pets and their favorite activities at home. I myself own a 5-years old Labrador named; Kit. Kit loves outdoor activities like playing fetch and also chasing the neighbor's cat. I bought him a lot of toys to make him busy and avoid boredom. Most of his dog toys were purchased from Petstreetmall as I don’t have time to drop by at our local pet store to purchase them. Kit is one of the most hyper dogs that I have, and we really love him as he is. So what pet do you have? Care to share some stories or experiences with them? I would love to hear them.
  3. Game Update

    Tournaments, team management, and player scouting are all available features in Clash. Interested players can enter into certain tournaments, create a roster for competition, and choose a team icon. Players can be scouted and invited to certain teams for competition as detailed stats of their performances in tournaments will be available to view, as well as what looks like a buyout feature, though it’s unclear how it functions yet.
  4. Some Issues I've noticed

    Few subpages are only available the reason why few people only joins the thread conversation.