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  1. Pet Stories

    Just cause you're married doesn't mean he can't be your boy toy! Atleast you sound more human on that response, instead of an adbot made by someone not from an English speaking country.
  2. Leaderboard Pushes

    Top 400 WD post.
  3. Leaderboard Pushes

  4. Leaderboard Pushes

  5. Leaderboard Pushes

  6. Leaderboard Pushes

  7. Leaderboard Pushes

  8. Leaderboard Pushes

  9. Leaderboard Pushes

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  11. Leaderboard Pushes

  12. Leaderboard Pushes

    I posted up on LB on the opening morning of Necro!
  13. Some Issues I've noticed

    This looks more like a permissions issue like the rest of the issues.
  14. Great Server Debate

    Also, once we figure out server situations, we'll also need to figure out who plays what classes and specs and figure out groupings for things like raids, such as, do we have tanks/heals (are they good), what dps do we have, can we put together 5 man dungeon groups or full on 25 man raid groups, ect.
  15. Great Server Debate

    You'd literally be wasting money on a transfer for a guild that doesn't have jack shit, literally. I've said a few times, make one. You'll have literally everything the dead one does, and probably more because someone plays in it. We have nothing in bank, no gold, very very few achievements that are extremely easy to get btw.