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Clan DL
  • Clan DL Constitution

    Clan DL is a gaming community for gamers, run by gamers, founded by gamers. 

    Clan DL was founded as "Dark Legion” on July 16, 1999. (DL) was one of the OG StarCraft: Brood War clans and was the first gaming clan to use "clan scripts" with a login system for members. 

    The purpose and mission of Clan DL is to provide a means for gamers to game with other like minded gamers. Each gamer is treated the same. Dark Legion and Clan DL were both founded on the same principles: 
    1) We are a gaming community. Game!
    2) No tolerance for hatred or discrimination. All members and non-members must be tolerant of all others. DL is a hate free, not game free. Treat others with respect.
    3) No cheating.

    Administrative “Rank” Structure of Clan DL:

    Clan DL uses an administrative based rank structure, rather than an achievement based rank structure. There are 5 (five) ranks within Clan DL: Guardian, Commander, General, Officer, and Member. Recruits & MIA are not members. Rank processes and functions are described below. 

    1. Guardian of DL:

    1 (one) gamer who serves as the custodian of all things Clan DL; owner; owns all Clan DL brands and accounts; has root ownership of all “out of game” Clan DL accounts. The Guardian may only retain “in-game” ownership of the Clan DL with 75% positive upvotes from that player base. The Guardian is the final and deciding vote in any situation for which a final decision is necessary; Guardian retains full veto power over all decisions. The Guardian acts as a de facto Commander.
    Passing the Guardianship of DL:
    There is always 1 (one) Guardian who serves as the Steward of DL. The Guardian retains full ownership of any and all forms of the Clan DL brand. The Guardian of DL may relinquish their title of Guardian only by passing on the Stewardship of Clan DL to another Clan DL member. From this day forward, new Guardian must receive at least 75% positive upvotes from the community or the passage of Guardianship is void. Passing over Guardianship of DL should be done through appropriate means and should always be free of change. DL retains no value ($0).

    2. Commanders: 
    Commander is a name given in perpetuity to the Leaders of Clan DL. A group of commanders work together lead Clan DL in its day-to-day everyday operations. 
    Granting of Commandership:
    Each commander serves at the pleasure of the Guardian or the Community. Each appointed commander is appointed by the Guardian and serves at the pleasure of the Guardian. The Guardian can dismiss any Commander at any time with a written statement of explanation to the community. There is no set number of commanders.
    Community Commander:
    One commander spot will serve as a rotating Community Commander. Every 4 (four) months, the community will vote for a new Community Commander. Any Member may announce candidacy for Community Commander. Members wishing to become candidates may only announce their bids to become Community Commander one week prior to voting. Voting will last 48 hours. The vote will take place 1 (one) week before the end of the previous Community Commander’s term.

    3. Generals:
    The general staff serves various functions to administrate Clan DL. They help guide all major decisions and day-to-day administrative functions. Some generals may serve as Division Leaders. There will always be 1 (one) general that serves as the Head of Recruitment. Additional general positions may be codified as necessary.
    Leadership Council:
    All Generals and Commanders serve on the Leadership Council with the Guardian. This Leadership Council helps shape, make, and institute all major and minor Clan DL actions and decisions. 

    4. Officers:
    Officers are the backbone of Clan DL.  The officer staff serves roles such as Division Leaders, Assistant Division Leaders, in-game Leaders, website admins, server admins, or any other various role the Leadership Council sees fit. All officer roles are appointed by the Leadership Council; most, if not all, officer roles are posted on the Members only forums and all Clan DL Members are welcome to submit an application for consideration.

    5. Members
    Gamers of Clan DL. Stop reading this shit and go game. 

    Members, regardless of rank, will be set to “MIA” after 6 months of  “inactivity”. “Inactivity” is defined as not logging into the website in 6 months. 

    Anyone, Clan DL Member or Non-member (space permitting), may be a member of the Clan DL in-game clan, guild, organization, society, etc. Members are not required to be members of Clan DL in-game, although almost all are. 


    Joining Clan DL; the “Recruitment” process:
    Anyone who wishes to join Clan DL is welcome to apply. In order to be considered for membership, potential Recruits will submit an application on the website. That application will auto-populate (hopefully) to the members-only forum, into the “Applications” sub-forum. Upon submission, applicants are granted “Recruit” status in all appropriate mediums. Members who know the applicant will give the member a +1 if they’re in favor of the member joining (most applicants overwhelmingly receive +1s), a 0, or a -1. Written reasoning is appreciated, no more than a sentence necessary. In order to become a member, a Recruit must have at least 3 (three) +1s and at least 80% total positive upvotes for membership. An applicant must be a Recruit for at least 48 hours. All past Dark Legion, Clan Dark Legion, and Clan DL members can submit a separate application that goes through an expedited approval process to full member status if past membership can be proven. This expedited process is done by the Leadership Council.
    “Division Leader” vs. “in-Game Leader”
    The “Division Leader” will no longer mean the “in-game” Leader. “Division Leader” will be someone of Officer rank or higher that is in charge of that specific Division’s marketing and recruitment. There may be assistant division leaders. More details are available in the members-only section.
    “in-Game Leader” still has a purpose
    There are many games where an “in-game” Leader is important for that game’s division for various reasons. Applicable “in-game” leaders have a rank of Officer or higher. There may be assistant in-game leaders as necessary.


    Forum Rules:

    No Tolerance for Harassment / Discrimination
    Be reasonable. Sometimes you might make a few of posts in a row or double post. Try not to spam.
    Privileged forums are privileged. Sharing privileged info risks losing rank.
    NSFW except for the members-only NSFW.
    Posts deemed “sympathy posts” will result in a ban
    Please try to post in the appropriate forum

    Other Rules

    For any dispute that requires a decision, a member of the Leadership Council will write a report with the decision that the Leadership Council reached based on its process.

    Bans for:
    Hatred / Discrimination
    Promotion of other communities

    All members and non-members have the ability to submit a ban report. The ban report cannot be anonymous. The ban report will be an application form. The ban report will be shared with the Leadership Council. When the Leadership Council has reached a decision, a member of the Council will write a report with the Leadership Council’s decision and reasoning for that decision.

    Non-members are not afforded the same process and may be automatically banned by a member of the Leadership Council. Any Leadership Council member who bans a non-member in this manner must write a report in the member-only report sub-forum.

    Non-members who are SPAMMERS, BOTS, or TROLLS can be permanently banned by ANY Member or above. The banning member must post in the member-only report sub-forum.

    All members and non-members have the ability to submit a ban appeal. A ban appeal follows the same process as a ban report. A ban appeal may be resubmitted every 6 (six) months.


    Clan DL is SAFE FOR WORK, except for a lone NSFW members-only forum (dear god).

    Additions to the Constitution:

    Additions to the constitution may be made and go into effect 24 hours after written notice to the community. No one may be retroactively punished for actions that take place before additions to the constitution go into effect.