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Clan DL

D3 Clan // Community Rules

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Our main Diablo 3 clan is Softcore-based and is listed as: <DL> Clan DL

Any member of our D3 clan can invite others to the clan.


  1. No Cheating. No third party software of any kind (includes bots, farming bots, auto-pickers, map hacks, etc)
  2. Game with <DL>! Both DL Members and Non-Members are welcome to join our in-game Clan - there are no requirements to gaming with us!
  3. You may join other gaming communities and be apart of other in-game Clans, but all DL members are encouraged to join our Softcore Clan. Our Softcore clan is <DL> Clan DL and is the first Clan when you search "Clan DL". A few DL members play Hardcore very seriously with <COD> CLAN OF DOOM.

**Rules will be added/revised/updated if necessary**

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